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Welcome to Authentic Water USA.  Over the years, we’re proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. Our product recommendations are suited for the specific makeup of  the local water supplies. The filtration systems are built with quality materials and the latest technologies to meet the highest industry standards. Keep reading to learn more, and reach out with questions on what we have to offer.

             Our history begins in the 1980's where I cut my teeth in the  water filtration and water purification industry.  With Culligan Water as my tutor I received the best training the industry could afford. Culligan wrote the book on water purification and to this day I still lean on much of what I learned. Our team was the first in our state to receive the WQA Water Quality Association's  certification for water filtration design technicians. 

At this time their was really only one other water treatment company with a national name, that being Rainsoft. We were miles ahead of them in quality and price. 

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